NOMAD Wake up Coffee

Wake up with me. In your veins flows a nomad blood. Always on the move! Traveling from city to land, surfing on google and chating in viber, making tours to the organic shop in search of a black ringingclang or some “useful” kids snacks, sleeping in your office or during a meeting with client, cracking code or doing muscles like hammer. Regardless of mood, place and look, we’ve made this cup of drink for You! Wow yourself with me. Wow your friends with me. Wow the boss, the neighbour, and those cool guy on the square. Or whatever you might dare …

The coolest drink & breakfast ever! Contains only ingredients Made by NATURE: freeze dried Arabica coffee, guarana, pure lupine protein, unrefined coconut sugar, ginger. No fats!

100% natural BIO instant drink.  16 g ℮

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