NOMAD Energize Cacao

The chocolate warmth… that’s a charm! On top of a gondola, on the edge of a knife. Enthusiast by nature. Just be alive. I dance and sing, respect – so nice :). Eloquent, modest, with soul clean, all right! Get qǐ 氣 from the cold air, transform it into a love affair. Stir up the stream, redo change and win. Give yourself to Her, she’s gonna energize you in return. And even the child is in love …

Contains only ingredients Made by NATURE: raw cacao*, raw fermented cacao nibs*, raw carob, raw unrefined coconut sugar, pure pea protein, Ceylon cinnamon*, ginger*.

* Raw ingredient from organic agriculture.

Perfect for: enthusiasts, dancers, connoisseurs, children, travelers, athletes, healthy eaters, vegans, vegetarians, city&digital nomads and many more.

100% natural instant drink. 20,5 g ℮

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